A Criminal Act - Child Soldiers

The Zimbabwe Child Soldier Victim Foundation

The Zimbabwe Child Soldier Victim Foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed at creating global awareness of the plight of children used as Child Soldiers in the Zimbabwe Youth Militia and at assisting those who have managed to escape the militia camps with a recovery plan, as well as assisting the victims persecuted by the child soldiers.

The main objective of the Zimbabwe Child Soldier Victim Foundation is to have the militia camps closed down with immediate effect and to help every victimised child into a rehabilitation program.

For the fugitive former child soldiers who are refugees in South Africa, a rehabilitation programme is being put into place; this includes counselling, reconciliation, reuniting them with their families, art and drama therapy, as well as essential food and shelter.

These are stills of MUGABE INSPECTING A YOUTH MILITIA CAMP taken from a BBC Panorama programme broadcast on BBC One on Sunday, 29 February 2004 at 2215 GMT. The secretely filmed programme was titled Secrets of the Camps. Green bomber is the name given to Mugabe's youth militia.

Zimbabwe Child Soldiers Speak Out


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Government estimates suggest that 80 000 youths have been through these training camps since 2001 but the actual numbers are thought to be much greater.

The Zimbabwe government, under the 30-year rule of dictator Robert Mugabe, has announced through its Ministry of Defence, that Youth Militia training be compulsory and should involve weaponry tuition, and that all youth must form a reserve force under military command to defend their nation against imperialists and neo-colonialists, as well as any political opposition party. The age indicated by government policy is as young as 10 years old. The Youth Militia falls under the Youth Training Act, which is administered by the Ministry of Gender, Youth Development and Employment Creation. Children are forced into the camps under this regulation; those that do not comply are abducted under force from the streets, their homes, schools and even churches.

If you believe the Zimbabwe Child Soldier Victim Foundation is a just cause in calling for Peace and international pressure against the use of child soldiers in Zimbabwe, then please support us with your name and country, which will automatically be added to our Peace & Solidarity Page: contact@zimbabwechildsoldiers.com The Zimbabwe Child Soldier Victim Foundation thanks you for your interest in our campaign. Should you require any further information, please contact us: contact@zimbabwechildsoldiers.com